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SPRI Cross Train Plyo Box - Small


SPRI Cross Train Plyo Box - Small

This Plyo Box set comes with three boxes in one with 3 varied heights, 46cm, 51cm or 40.5cm , allowing you to choose how high you want to jump. Ideal for jump training and plyometric exercises. Generally plyometric exercises will stimulate various muscles at the same time which can improve fat loss, performance, and strength. The plyometric jump box is constructed from sturdy wooden panels. There is assembly required with the SPRI Plyo Box set. Hardware is included. Free downloadable exercise guide below.


Features and Benefits:

  • Turn the plyobox for a variety of jumping heights
  • Ideal for jump training and plyometic exercises
  • Constructed from sturdy wooden panels
  • Downloadable exercise guide
  • Improves strength and elasticity of muscles
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Safe to use for beginners and advanced fitness trainers
  • Hardware included
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46cm x 51cm x 40.5cm