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Takeya Arctic Bumper & Band Replacement Set for 700ml/24oz


Customize your bottle with our bumper and band bundle. You get a bumper specifically sized to fit your 700ml / 24oz bottle and a band of the same colour. Coordinate your bottle with your workout gear or show your team spirit with a creative combo. Combine multiple bundles to create a truly unique look.  

Note: Does not fit Takeya Tritan bottles.



To add the silicone band to your lid, first remove the current silicone band. If needed, you may need to use a pointed object to get underneath the band, but be careful. Once you get a hold of the band, simply pull the band off of the lid. Slide the new band into place with the Takeya logo right side up and you are all set. To install the bumper, simply slip your bumper on to the bottom of your bottle. It should fit securely.

Takeya Arctic Bumper & Band Replacement Set for 700ml/24ozSKU: 97186K
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